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Our mission is to create and bring to life theatrical productions and programs that both reflect and shape our community.


Valued and emulated in our geographic area for artistically excellent theatrical representation, inclusion, and equity of artists of color, LGBTQ+ artists, Deaf artists, and artists with disabilities


We are dedicated to an excellent final product. We do not compromise on quality of craft or message for the sake of convenience, budget limitations, public appeasement, or any other factor.

We tackle risky and potentially controversial content. We do not shy away from works that may foster difficult conversations, but rather embrace them. Theatre is a powerful medium for wrestling with uncomfortable questions, and we readily use it to this potential with grace.

We pursue our mission in a financially responsible manner. There is no art without funding, and funding is not unlimited. We pride ourselves in creating the best possible production values for the least fiscal impact.

We use our platform to honor the whole diverse spectrum of the human experience. We continually work to represent all people, bringing stories rooted in issues of race, class, gender, and more to our audiences. We are also unashamedly affirmative in our casting, and look for opportunities to feature people with minority identities in our productions. We are committed to diversity at all levels: on our stage, in our audience, and within our leadership. 

We are committed to putting in the extra effort necessary to master a truly collaborative art form. Our scripts and productions are living, breathing, and fluid. Our greatest work comes from giving our creative teams freedom to explore and experiment in the safety of the spaces we provide. We strive to always operate within this freedom even though the uncertainty and loss of control can be scary.

We serve our community through a give-and-take learning process. We host opportunities to engage in dialogue with our community--both those to whom we may have insight to impart and those from whom we have much to learn. We believe that education is a cycle and that it is never-ending.

We reject a culture of competition by working in cooperation with and support of other local theaters. We are not trying to do what anyone else has done nor do it any better than they do, but we will be open and honest about those in our field whom we admire and emulate. We will both provide and receive resources, advice, and partnership to and from those who have gone before, who come alongside, and who will come after.