Grey Noise Theatre Co. is an experimental theatre company based in Rochester, NY specializing in theatre for social change, theatre of the oppressed, stage intimacy, restorative justice, and representation of marginalized artists. They stage new works as well as original adaptations of beloved classic texts with a focus on bringing attention to themes of race, class, gender, and physical & mental ability. Their aesthetic is timeless and poignant, seamlessly weaving together well-worn plots and characters with contemporary issues, music, movement, and visual effects for the ultimate relevance.

Why Grey Noise?

Founding artistic director Jess Meyer-Crosby has a background in and affinity for sound design and the powerful emotions that "noise" can inspire in the context of theatrical performance. Their creativity thrives through the onstage mediums of sound, music, and movement. Their spouse and professional partner, Ben, is the technical and business mind behind their artistic endeavors. He keeps the company in line with its mission and makes their productions possible. Together the two of them spend their days seeing the worlds in shades of grey. Neither just creative nor just practical, neither wholly good nor wholly bad, neither strictly classic nor strictly modern--nothing is as simple as it seems.